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Magnetic Foam Letters Complete Set

Includes stage one, two and three. These foam magnetic tiles focus on the relationship between sounds and their spelling. They help students understand the association between the letters and the sounds they represent. The tiles are specifically colour coded to assist students to recognize the most common phoneme groupings. Stage 1 contains 67 foam magnetic tiles in 4 color groupings: Consonants, Consonants that make to major sounds, vowels and the 'h' digraphs. Stage 2 contains 36 foam magnetic tiles in 3 color groupings: Digraph endings, Blend beginnings and Blend endings. Stage 3 contains 36 foam magnetic tiles in 5 color groupings: 3 Letter Blends, Magic 'e', Vowel Phonemes, Changeable Vowels and 'r' Controlled Vowels. All tiles are lower case.

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Magnetic Foam Letters Complete Set

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