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Virtual Reading Ruler Mac Edition
Virtual Reading Ruler Mac Edition Virtual Reading Ruler Mac Edition

The Virtual Reading Ruler is an Easy to Configure Screen Overlay for all computer reading:

Reading from a computer is now an essential part of everyday life for most of us. But for many people it can be more difficult to read a computer screen than to read a page of text. Not only does the glare from the screen cause problems such as eye strain and headaches - and in some cases causing the words appear to shimmer or even move around - but the nature of the medium makes it more difficult to keep one's place in the text, or to find it again after stopping or being interrupted. You can't "mark your place" easily on a computer screen. Unless you've got a virtual reading ruler that is, Just follow 3 simple steps:

  • Select your color
  • Configure your settings
  • Improve your reading comfort

It's Ideal for Presentations!

The Virtual Reading Ruler works just like an ordinary reading ruler, removing the screen glare and stabilizing the print on any area of the page. At the same time it can mark the specific line or paragraph being read.

It can be used with any application - including the internet - and moves with the mouse. Different line settings can create a wide variety of opaque blocks, "windows", or underlines, and the different size options ensure that differing on-screen needs are met (e.g full screen width for spreadsheets; half-screen for emails etc).

  • Multiple size and line customization options
  • Fully networkable across all platforms
  • Locking option: no need to hold and drag
  • Infinitely adjustable color options
  • Quickstart menu
  • Autosave settings

With millions of colors to choose from, and many configurations of shape, size, line width and line position, all accessible at the click of a button, the Virtual Reading Ruler can benefit computer users everywhere - whether in the home, school, college, library or office.

The Virtual Reading Ruler is just "dragged" round the screen with the mouse, highlighting what you need, how you need it!  Intuitive setup, no learning curve.

The color palette on the quickstart menu shows the tints used on Crossbow colored overlays and reading rulers, and makes the Virtual Reading Ruler a useful quick diagnostic tool for assessing color preferences for overlay use. For more thorough and accurate color assessment, however, the Visual Stress Assessment Pack should be used.

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Virtual Reading Ruler Mac Edition

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