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Smart Tray
Smart Tray

New and innovative multi-sensory system for self-checking activities. Self-checking and correcting The first 10 tile tray of its type 2 types of cards to differentiate activities Encourages analytical thinking and questioning.

The patent protected design supports the use of two types of activity cards that slide into the tray base. The first type of card is for direct matching activities and the second is for question and answer activities. Cards for reading, spelling and numeracy are available. Instructions: Insert card so that the purple section fits into the base by following the arrows. Matching card: 1. Place the tiles over the cells from 1 – 10. Look for the number in the upper left hand corners. 2. Lift off the first tile and place down on correct answer. Question/answer card: 1. Place the tiles over the plastic lid. 2. Select the first tile and use it to answer the first question by placing it over the answer in the purple base. Self-checking system: 3. On completion of the 10 answers, close the lid and turn the tray over. 4. Slide the card out (following arrow directions) to see


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Smart Tray

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