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Bright Owl Books are a super simple beginning readers series, created by best-selling Step into Reading author and illustrator Molly Coxe, featuring short and long vowel sounds. With a note to parents and teachers at the beginning and story starters at the end, these books give your kids the perfect launchpad to educational success!

Vowel sounds are  the basic building blocks of reading. Each Bright Owl title features fun photographic stories about a group of appealing woodland animals who find themselves in silly predicaments that are sure to engage the young reader's concentration. Each book contains only around 100 words, which reinforce one vowel sound through repetition.  With a note to parents and teachers at the beginning and story starters at the end, these books give kids a perfect start for educational success.

The short vowel set contains five books, one for each of the short vowel sounds a,e,i,o,u.

Gram is making jam. Can she keep it safe from all the rat attacks?

Hen and her eggs are wet. Luckily her friend Ben is there to help! 

Pig and Twig are playing Princess. Pig gets three wishes. But she wants more!

Frog helps Fox and Ox and Pollywog. But who will help Frog?

​Russ and Gus are bored . . . until they take a tub for a ride.

"This series is just so doggone good…there’s nothing to compare.” —Betsy Bird, Fuse #8, School Library Journal

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