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That Dog Series is a set of 12 beautifully-illustrated decodable books for older, catch-up readers who are able to read CVC words.  This series combines an engaging, classic story of a boy and a stray dog that follows him home with step-by-step phonic progression.  A fantastic resource for older students that will secure the phonic foundations struggling readers need.  This series is complemented by a comprehensive workbook that offers a wide variety of activities to practice and consolidate reading, comprehension and spelling skills. 

Book 1: cvc, cvcc
Book 2: cvcc
Book 3: cvcc
Book 4: ccvc and ‘ed’
Book 5: ccvcc
Book 6: ‘ch’ and ‘tch’
Book 7: ‘sh’
Book 8: ‘th’
Book 9: ‘ck’ and ‘qu’
Book 10: ‘ng’
Book 11: ‘wh’ and ‘ing’
Book 12: ‘le’